Vintage buttonholers


We were in a bit of a silly mood earlier today, and at one point Elsie said “Why don’t you do a team photo of the buttonholers?”.  I couldn’t think of any reason why not, so here you go …

Picture of 12 Vintage buttonholers for Singer sewing machines

Top row left to right is a Green’s from the land of the Vegemite sandwich, Precision (the one that comes in the maroon tin), Greist, Greist Rotary, Singer 489500 (the one which is usually seen in the green “Jetson” case), and the bigger of the two Ruby buttonholers.

Bottom row left to right is a Y.S.Star buttonholer, the common or garden Ruby type RB, Singer 86718 (the red plastic case one), Famous Buttonhole Maker, Singer 86662 (the usual one in the card box) and a Singer USA 160506 (the dark green plastic case one).

I know we have examples of most of these for sale, even if I haven’t got round to putting them on the “Bits ‘n’ Bobs” page yet, and I’ve just now realised that we missed out the Vanguard one from this picture.  No biggie though – a Vanguard’s just a Ruby RB with a different coloured shell.

Hmmm … I guess we need to do the same for zigzaggers next.


4 responses

  1. Hello Jane

    All the buttonholers we have are standard low shank, but how well an 86662 would work with a Bernina 830 I have no idea at all.


  2. Hi, I have a question about the 86662 buttonholers. I want a buttonhole attachment for my bernina 830 so am looking at buying an adapter. What kind of shank does the 86662 have, a low shank, slant or snap on? The person I am buying the adapter from said i can only use a low shank or snap on.

    Many thanks

  3. Hello Francis

    Elsie says her current favourite is the Singer 160506 (the one in the green textured plastic box) but it’s really down to personal preference and experience with buttonhole attachments! They do need to be in good condition and working properly though. Elsie also says that the Y S Star buttonholer is a joke, which is weird because the Y S Star Zigzagger is actually good!

    Hope that helps a bit.


  4. Hello Sid and Elsie!

    Thanks for the nice information, makes me always happy when I read it.

    I have a question about the buttonholers; is there a range, good, better, best? Or is it more: easy, complex, need more scills..?

    Have a nice day!