The End is Nigh


Just so that it doesn’t come as a surprise and you think the aliens have abducted this blog, you need to know that its days are now numbered.  Quite what that number is I’m not sure, but it’s probably around 80.  And when its number’s up, I guess it will just do whatever it is that obsolete blogs do.

In other words the domain registration for this URL comes up for renewal again in June (or maybe July – I can’t find the email from WordPress right now), and I won’t be renewing it.  Why not?  In a word, I have neither the time now nor the inclination to continue with it – even though it’s still averaging 200 visitors and 400 page views per day.  Heck, I can’t even keep my Grasshopper blog up to speed, which needs nothing like the same amount of work!

So there you go.

When I find out the exact date of its demise, I’ll let you know …

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