This ‘n’ that … and the last of the bargains in the basement



First off this week, I’ve been meaning to post this picture ever since Andrew kindly sent it to me.  This is the adaptor I was referring to in November when I was rambling on about how once upon a time people could plug things like a sewing machine into a table lamp or indeed a pendant light fitting and still get to see what they were doing.

Andrew’s is actually the posh version with the push switch controlling the socket on the side, and as it’s seen in the picture, both bulbs will light up when the whole shebang’s plugged into a light fitting.  When that red push switch is pushed back towards the camera (from the other side of the adaptor), only the “straight ahead” bulb is lit.  Substitute the connector on your sewing machine for that bulb on the side and off you go!  For total authenticity though, make sure the whole thing’s plugged into a light fitting which has a parchment shade which smells hot and has both scorch marks and a looped decorative trim dangling all the way round it …

Moving on, I must just mention before I forget that Joan, one of the ladies in the States who’s bought a fair few bits and pieces from us over the last year or so, has recently celebrated her 62nd wedding anniversary!  That certainly makes our own 31 years seem a bit insignificant, but we were interested to learn of Joan’s theory that collecting interesting sewing things contributes greatly to longevity.  Whatever, all the very best from us to Joan and Jim in Michigan 🙂

And now we get to today’s news, which is that from now on this blog’s being relegated to the back burner.  And of course you want to know why, so I’d better tell you …

Two years ago today, Elsie was diagnosed with cancer.  When I started this blog five months later, we’d done the surgery, we’d just finished chemotherapy, and it gave us something different to think about and do while we waited to start radiotherapy.  We had a few ups and downs after radio and then more surgery, but now it’s just a matter of a hormone pill a day for another three and a half years, and fingers crossed it’s all good 🙂

So … Elsie and I need to move on.  We’ve thinned out the Singer collection a bit and gained some much-needed space.  We have other fish to fry, and I have my Elna Grasshopper blog which really is in dire need of bringing up to speed.  Seeing as how that’s very much a minority interest compared to the world of vintage Singers and we’re only talking about one particular machine, it won’t eat up as much of my time as this blog has and the correspondence which it generates does.  At least that’s the plan.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, I’ve just updated the bargain basement page to show accurately what we have left, so if there’s anything there that you fancy,  get in quick and grab yourself a bargain because when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Which has to be one of the most banal and singulary stupid slogans ever, but never mind.

Have a good weekend folks, and be happy.

Edited to add In view of the comments that are being posted, we’d both like to say thank you for your very kind words, and to point out that I will still be rambling on from time to time, only on the Elna Grasshopper blog.   So do check it out from time to time.  Who knows, you might even develop an interest in the amazing little green thing yourself …

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  1. All the best for you and Elsie and thank you for all I have learned about good old Singers from this blog! I will look by times at your great sewing machine fotos and enjoy working with the attachments you sent me.

  2. I shall really miss reading your informative and often, oh so funny words, Sid. Thanks again for your help with the little Singer 222K, which is now back home and purring like a cat. And for the rhubarb advice! I wish you and Elsie every good thing in life; you deserve to get out there and enjoy it.

  3. As others have already said, I’m so sorry you have been going through so much stress and am very happy that you have been blessed with Elsie’s improved health! Also, thank you for sharing your lives and passion for old Singers with so many of us who also love old Singers, and have SO enjoyed all your “home” adventures…baking with the woodstove, working the allotment, canning your harvests, simplifying life with your bicycles and getting rid of your car, not to mention the Singer advertisements, brochures etc. etc. etc. You have been lovely “neighbors” with an interesting, knowledgeable and fun blog. Thank you so much, Sid, for all you have shared, please share our thanks with Elsie. It is and has been very much appreciated.


  4. Hi. So sorry to receive the message that your great blog is winding down just a day after I found you! Hope you both enjoy a healthy and happy ‘retirement’. I look forward to reading through past blogs and will be sorry to miss updates on you both.

  5. Gosh, I just found out about you! I’m happy you will keep the blog running so I can go back and look. More importantly you’ve realized what is important . . . time and managing the stuff of life so you have more of it. Enjoy every moment together. Remember, sugar (of any kind — ALL grains included) feed cancer cells. They have 8x the affinity for sugar. So, if you don’t feed the dormant cells their “fuel” they can’t grow in your sweet wife’s body. I found all this out in July 2010 and have been on the healthy road since then. Major shift in thinking required, but it boils down to good, clean food being your medicine. Our forefathers and mothers knew of good health when our food was grown in non-pesticide ridden soil. We can get back to that. My favorite saying is “Pay the organic farmer or pay the hospital!” Best wishes for another 31 years of marriage!! We celebrate
    29 at then end of the month.

  6. Dear Sid and Elsie,
    All the very best for your future and thank you very much for all the information and illustrations on vintage Singers (and much besides.) As others have already said above, you will be much missed.

    As a matter of fact, I do have an ancient Elna Lotus so I shall be following S’n’Elsie Mark II: what’s its title?

    Best wishes,

  7. All the best and enjoy your new projects, though I will miss your pearls of wisdom.


    PS I’ll check out your Elna blog

  8. This ‘n’ that … and the last of the bargains in the basement:

        Good Morning, I am not the type to write to authors of emails such as this, mainly use them for reference but… Sir are very entertaining, along with knowledgeable, I save every newsletter I receive. I have just recently acquired this vintage sewing machine bug and I don’t fore see it going away anytime soon…thank-you very much. I wish great health to you and Elsie.     p.s. I do need a few things, how do i go about ordering and please don’t sell out of those thread spindles 🙂     Sincerely,   

    dee lowe cedar city ut. p.s. I am trying this way to send my comment, connecting to wordpress was a nightmare, connecting through my facebook it just kept giving me a error message from wordpress…I am sending this out in cyberland, hope it reaches you.


  9. Oh, very best wishes to you both! I’ve found your blog informative and will miss your postings.

    Collecting sewing things adds to longevity? Well, let’s hope so! Then I should live to be as old as Methuselah!

  10. All the very best to you both and a happy future! This has been a great and enormously helpful blog, thank you for it. Will the archive still be readily available? I hope so, it’s not only the place to turn to if I have a Singer glitch, it’s a pleasure to browse your lovely photos, like picking up a favourite book.

  11. I rarely post, but look forward to reading your entertaining, accurate and informative updates. I have learnt a lot and shall miss them greatly. It was invariably the best thing to find in my inbox.
    Wishing you and Elsie a good future. Enjoy your fish frying.

  12. Can only echo previous posters sentiments….it’s the best blog on the internet….
    I wish you all the best doing things you both enjoy….

    You will be missed….

  13. Although interested in sewing machines I visit your blog because of your wry, dry sense of humour which makes me laugh out loud. i am sorry to hear that Elsie has been ill and vey happy to hear that she is now well and that you guys can get on and have some fun. The fact that you didn’t mention it before is salutary but really, not surprising. You are just not that type of people (is that grammatically correct? I am not sure but you get the gist). Good luck for your future ventures and adventures – I am sure there will be many.