Why is WordPress so slow nowadays?


Does anybody know?  Is anybody else vexed by this slowness?  For the last month or two it’s just seemed to be getting slower and slower, irrespective of time of day, time of high tide or conjunction of the planets, until now it takes for ever and a day to write a post and upload the pictures.

I don’t think it’s anything at this end, because the only sites I’ve noticed the lethargy on are WordPress and Tumblr.com, and unusually, Googling the problem hasn’t shed any light on it so far, which is a real PITA because I’ve got a long-winded post to do with lots of pictures.

Is there anybody out there’s up to speed with this sort of stuff and might be able to solve the mystery?  I guess it would help to know that I’m on BT Broadband in the UK, with a virus- and malware-free puter running Windows 7 and Firefox current version.

Whatever, have a good weekend, folks.  Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible …



One response

  1. I follow another WordPress blog and it takes me ages to get into it. Yours is quicker by comparison but slower than others that aren’t WordPress.