Singer zigzag attachments and a 99K on a bike


“I’m just off down to the dump with the remains of a 99.  Won’t be long” says I to Elsie, who came wandering up the garden path so we could go through the ritual “Have you got your phone, keys, hankie, wallet, teeth …” routine.  But this time, she pointed out that whereas it’s perfectly normal for us to take a dead sewing machine to the dump recycling centre on the back of a bike, it’s not exactly a mainstream activity, so maybe this should be immortalised on the blog, whereupon she went and got the camera.

So now you know what that picture’s about.  Anyhow, if carrying a vintage Singer on the back of a bike is a bit unusual, I guess that taking two of them to the dump in a trailer behind a bike is really peculiar, so we’ll try and remember to take a snap or two next time I do just that.

Moving on now to Singer zigzaggers, and specifically the big black ones, I listed a 161102 for sale on our Bits ‘n’ Bobs page yesterday for which we had a buyer within 4 hours, but we hope to have another good one ready next week.

Mention of the Bits ‘n’ Bobs page prompts me to explain that we’ve changed it back from “Accessories” on account of I changed it from “Bits ‘n’ Bobs” to “Accessories” when I added the “Parts” page a few months ago, but as I never got round to getting the parts page off the ground, it’s gone now and we’re back as we were.  Keeping it simple is always good.

Talking of bikes, and seeing as how it’s a Friday, here’s something a little different …

Have a good weekend, folks.


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  1. I love your blog and found such great information in it, but just did want to comment that I too felt very sad seeing that little 99 headed off to the dump.
    We just rescued a 128 La Vinnie that was horrible. But she is destined for a hand crank.
    RIP little 99.

  2. Not at present, I’m afraid – but keep your eye on our Bits ‘n’ Bobs page …

  3. Hiya, im looking to buy a zig zagger for a Singer 201K – can you help me? thanks, bobbie

  4. PS selfishly, I’m delighted I kept the 201k!
    Sheila in Brussels

  5. I wanted to take my mother’s old 201k to the Gambia to give to a family we are friends with (unusually, they have electricity – at times). However, like all old Singers, it weighed a ton, so I took a new lighter Husqvarna instead. It is getting a lot of use.
    All of the machines I have seen there, in markets, shop back rooms etc are old Singer treadles, usually driven by men, constantly pedaling away. They will make you askirt or trousers in batik or tie-die fabric in minutes, while you wait.
    Really endorses the longevity of the old Singers!
    I’ll have a look at Julie’s link – seems a great way to help without having to lug the monsters yourself!
    Sheila in Brussels

  6. Julie, we’re not dumping complete machines here – only ones with major mechanical problems which have been stripped of parts that are usable as spares.

  7. Personally, I think what’s really sad is that we literally cannot give them away – even complete, working machines which just have perhaps more than their fair share of wear and dinks in the finish. I think those of us who appreciate them as we do often forget just how much of a minority we’re in …

  8. Alas, they’re unfloggable! Out here in the sticks, nobody wants them even as doorstops and a 99’s not really heavy enough for a boat anchor. That particular one was FUBAR thanks to somebody who managed to break off the back RH corner of the bed, and I’d got all the bits off it I wanted for the “might come in handy one day” box.

  9. Gosh! Can’t you flog such machines as doorstops, Sid? Seems a pity to dump them! Looks so much like my Josephine. What put this one beyond repair, if you don’t mind my asking?