The press stud


Picture of area behind faceplate of Singer 99K

Well, we’ve seen worse fluff than this behind a 99’s faceplate, but we’ve never before found a press stud in there when we started cleaning one out.

I think they’re called poppers or snap fasteners in other parts of the world, but whatever they’re called, I doubt they’re often found inside sewing machines.  The arrow’s pointing at half of this one, by the way.  The other half was deeper inside, behind the needle bar.

That has got to be a bored child, hasn’t it?


6 responses

  1. That’s a powerful cautionary tale! And could have ended so much worse. Did it leave your brother with an abiding fear of or fascination with electricity?

  2. I’d think this would happen, more often than not. One of my brothers, when he was quite young, had to sit next to my mom at the table while she sewed. It was how she kept an eye on him. He was very bored and resented this. One day, he took the shears and cut the cord, which passed in front of him on the way to the outlet. There was a loud boom and the power went out. It also blew a hole in the blades of the shears. We aren’t sure how my brother escaped harm. It must have been because he was seated on a wooden chair and his feet were no where near the ground. A snap fastener sabotage would probably be a better choice.

  3. Hi Eirlys

    Of course, we’re now wondering what we’re going to find in all the others which are patiently waiting their turn for our attention …