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A Singer UK leaflet from 1939


Maybe, but perhaps not a potted-motor 201 like her on this front cover’s using.  Lovely machine, but not the easiest of things to find a replacement motor for nowadays if you have an urgent need of one – unlike your common or garden 201 with the ubiquitous bolt-on motor and drive belt.

Whatever, that’s the front cover of this rather rare Singer flyer from 1939, the general theme of which seems to be Do Your Bit for the war effort by buying a new Singer sewing machine.  The copy on the inside of the leaflet spreads across three pages, which rules out reproducing it on here big enough for you to read the text, so it’s here instead.

It’s worth a read is that … “In these days of shorter shopping hours, inconvenient travelling and rising cost of ready-made goods, a Singer Sewing Machine is a safeguard for every home and a “right hand man” for every busy woman”.  And that was over 70 years ago!  I love the suggestion that you write or call at your local Singer shop and “have a representative demonstrate a machine – tell you all about different models, prices, free trial and free tuition”.  How very nice that must have been, even if the interest on the HP was a bit steep.

Incidentally, is it only me who thinks that her on the cover looks like she’s about to nod off?

Here’s the back …

“Spare a few minutes for the Singer representative when he calls.  He is bound to interest you”.  Indeed, and what a grand excuse for a pot of Earl Grey and a macaroon.

Now tell me dear reader, when was the last time you opened your front door and the chap standing there raised his hat to you?