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The Singer 160847 Multiple Slotted Binder


Picture of Singer 160847 Mulitple Slotted Binder

Alternate view of Singer USA Multiple Slotted Binder 160847

This is the Singer 160847 Multiple Slotted Binder, which is one of those attachments which seem to be fairly common in the US, where it was made and where Featherweight fans seem to be particularly drawn to it.  Over here it’s not exactly rare in the sense that the Penguin is, but it’s certainly not a common attachment.  That’s why we were chuffed to get hold of this rather nice one, also shown here posing for a picture on Elsie’s 221K …

Singer USA Multiple Slotted Binder 160847 photographed on Featherweight

Truth is though, that’s likely to be the only time it gets fitted to a presser bar in this house, because if and when Elsie uses bias binding, it’s ready-made and it’s one width, for which she uses the plain vanilla binder feet.  So, interesting though this attachment undoubtedly is, it’s just not going to get used here for the clever stuff it’ll do like applying two different bindings at once, so we’ve decided that it deserves to go to somebody who will do amazing things with it.  That’s why I’ve just listed it on the ever-changing Accessories for sale page …

The Singer Buttonholer Attachment 86718


Picture of vintage Singer Buttonhole Attachment 86718

Another picture of Singer Buttonhole Attachment 86718

Picture of Singer Buttonholer 86718

I just added a Singer Buttonhole Attachment 86718 to the goodies for sale on the Accessories page, which until last week was called the Attachments page.  Hey, that’s progress for you!

This is one of the two vintage Singer non-template buttonholers i.e. the type on which the length, bight and spacing of your buttonhole is set by means of adjustments rather than by changing templates.  OK, you can’t do keyhole buttonholes with a non-template buttonholer, but if your buttonholer doesn’t use templates, that’s one less thing to disappear down a black hole at the back of a drawer as soon as you look the other way.

Like many of these vintage attachments, it seems a bit clunky and agricultural when you first start playing with one, but you soon realise how versatile the thing is – and it certainly makes a lovely buttonhole, particularly if you keep sewing and go round twice.

Here’s a brief video of this one on test on Elsie’s 201K Mk2 treadle machine earlier today …

Vintage Singer sewing machine attachments


Picture of collection of sewing machine attachments

Lots of them, ranging from boxed sets of attachments as supplied with most pre-1965 Singer machines through to Singer buttonholers  and Singer-fit buttonholers.  Zigzaggers too.  Some in better condition than others, but none of them rusty and all of them well usable for their intended purpose.  And that’s just the ones in boxes.  There’s also a 2-litre icecream tub somewhere in The Sewing Room which is full of individual attachments in ziplock bags …

And they’re all waiting for Elsie to have a sort-out, so we know what stays in our collection and what we can let go.

But right now there’s the pears to pick and get ripening before we bottle ’em, the brambles to pick, and the last of the damson jam to make. The first of the sweetcorn’s not far off, there’s garlic to harvest and beans to pick for drying, as well as the rest of the spuds to dig up.  I’ve got a wayward rose hip bush to demolish and some major organising of log piles to do before much longer too, so I can get some more sawn up and stacked under cover.  Then before we know it, it’ll be time to pick the apples, and I really should think about finishing off the decorating of the bathroom which sort of got put on hold at Easter. Or maybe it was in February …

All things considered, I really can’t see the Great Attachment Sort-Out happening any time soon, so until it does, if you’re after any attachments for a vintage Singer sewing machine, just drop an email to sidandelsie @ btinternet.com without the spaces and we’ll happily help you out if we can.