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It’s not over till it’s over . . . .


Fargosmom here – making a brief introduction.  I was dismayed, as many of you may have been, to think that this great blog might disappear into the ether.  I am new to the world of antique sewing machines, and I came to this blog in search of some basic technical information.  What I found was much more – an archive of useful information, not only packaged in a clean format, but accompanied by some absolutely lovely writing, and a wry and witty personality to back it up.  I’ve never met Sid or Elsie, but I wish they were my next door neighbors.

So I’m here to do my feeble best to keep this resource available while S & E ride off into the sunset.  I wish them health, happiness, and a long future with no tangled bobbins in sight.

To the rest of us, here’s to keeping those old iron ladies stitching.