The Needle-Art Embroidery Guide – cont’d!


OK … my post about this little gizmo has got quite a few people wanting one.

A couple of readers have also realised that they actually have one (they didn’t have the instructions for it, so had no idea what it was), but unusually, nobody’s yet come up with any more information about Jeanne Sherman of PO Box 1, Tahoma CA and whether she made any other useful things.

So … if any of you good people are on any sewing forums or suchlike, could you perhaps do us a favour and post a link there to my previous post, and ask if anybody knows anything?  If you manage to find out anything, do please let us all know via a comment under this post.



One response

  1. I found her in a pdf of the May/June 2011 edition of The Pelican, a bird watching publication in Lake Tahoe. I didn’t dig any deeper than that.