The Singer Automatic Zigzagger and its cam sets


Wow.  I finally got it together to take these pictures!  Somebody asked ages ago about the extra sets of cams (or as Singer called them, “stitch patterns”) for the big black zigzagger, and I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since.

And now it’s happened, because I’ve just listed a blue set for sale on the Bits ‘n’ Bobs page and I needed to get the camera out for that.

The zigzagger pictured above is actually Elsie’s own 161157, but it could just as easily be a 161102 or even a 160985.  They’re the same dog with different spots, and few of us are blessed with the ability to tell them apart without reading the number on the actuating arm.

Set 1 is the 4 red cams which came with the attachment.  Set 2 is white, 3 is blue, 4 is yellow, and the part numbers for both the sets and the individual cams depend on whether they’re the earlier heavy ones or the later lighter ones made of so-called pot metal.

Elsie’s volunteered to run off stitch samples with all 16 cams, so I’ll photograph those and do a post on them in due course.

If that hasn’t happened by the middle of May, can somebody give us a poke please?


2 responses

  1. Indeed they do Louise. You often see them listed for sale in the US with the magic word “Featherweight” added and the price adjusted upwards accordingly 😉

  2. Hi Sid and Elsie,
    Can you tell me please, do these zigzag attachments work on a Featherweight? They seem so large for such a wee machine.
    thank you,