And now … clarification of “vintage Singer sewing books for sale!”


We’ve had three people asking if the Singer books we now have for sale on the “Bits and Bobs” page are originals or copies.

The question seems to have arisen because I originally wrote “We have a few spare copies of these books” and  “Clean and tidy copy” and so on.  I’ve just edited the listings, but I thought it best to make it clear that the books we have for sale are not copies.  They are originals.

We may have more than one copy of some titles, but all the copies we have are originals.

Not copies.

Some copies are in slightly better condition than other copies, but even the worst copy is in good condition, considering it’s not a copy.

They’re all original copies of the books.

They are what came off the printing press when they were first published in America

They are old.

We don’t do fake repro.


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  1. I enjoy every single one of your posts, simply for your writing, whether or not it concerns me (e.g. blog entry on electrical wiring normally wouldn’t interest me since I’ve got a treadle). Your posts enliven the discussion about these machines! I actually laughed aloud when I read: “Ever since I was a very little girl I have loved to sew myself” from the last post.