Ebay – I suppose it had to happen …


My attention’s just been drawn to the above listing, which is item number 251020131277 now on Ebay.co.uk

Check out the picture, and then compare it with this one, which is on our Bits ‘n’ Bobs page and is of the Vanguard buttonholer which we have for sale …

Notice the white scuff marks on the box?

At least they didn’t pinch all the text too – only the bit which says “with feed cover plate and screw plus original instructions complete with original sample buttonhole stapled to them” …

(Thanks for the email Carol!)

5 responses

  1. I’ve seen photo’s with a ‘watermark’ on them on some sites to stop other people using them. Your photo’s would still be exceptional even with a watermark.

    You are being very restrained!


  2. Oh blimey John, thank you for the recommendation! I’d say it was inevitability, though – not telepathy. They’ve got a confounded cheek, but karma’s a wonderful thing.

    BTW, you have email.

  3. Here’s a topical irony, Sid. This blog arrived just as I’d finished a post to ISMACS’ digest recommending your site to our members. Having praised your photography, I closed it with “All Ebayers should be made to study their (your) techniques”.
    This is taking telepathy too far.

  4. Cheers Colette, but it looks to me like that only applies to pictures purloined off Ebay, which this one wasn’t. They lifted it off this blog.

    I know it’s infringement of my copyright under the 1988 Act and for all I know it’s misrepresentation too, but TBH I really can’t get bent out of shape about it. If that’s the way they run their business, good luck to them.

    Hope you’re well, btw 🙂