Another lovely Singer 201K for sale


I’ve just put this gorgeous 201K23 on the Singers for Sale page.  I know some people think the black Mk2’s look a bit intimidating compared to the more homely brown/beige ones, but personally I still prefer them.  Maybe that’s a bloke thing, I don’t know.

Whatever, this one’s in really  lovely condition and it sews a treat – and quietly too, because it’s now got a particularly smooth-running motor.  It’s also got the late-type machine plug as well as the male socket with the “split” pins, and that is without doubt the best combination to have.  As always with our electrics, the foot controller’s been checked over, the Singerlight’s been stripped and rewired, and the mains cables are new.

The suitcase-type case it’s in is a far nicer one than most, and it comes with an extension table as well as a full set of attachments.

Here’s another snap of it …


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  1. Hello Heather Yep, it’s basically just unbolt the hand crank then bolt on a motor – either kosher old Singer one, or a modern YDK if you’re not bothered what it looks like (and actually, I hate to say it but the plug and socket on the YDK is better). If you go for a modern motor, make sure it’s mountable on a vintage Singer and that it rotates anti-clockwise.


  2. Hi Sid and Elsie,
    I love your blog… I found it whilst looking for a 201k mark 2 (black). Is it easy to convert from manual to electric? I’ve got my eye on a 201K23 on ebay as the good electric ones get snapped up really quick so thought I might try a different tack to get one. I currently have a couple of 99k machines, one manual and the other a knee operated that used to be my Nana’s. The electrics on this one worked fine when last used in the 1980’s but I haven’t risked having a go yet. I also have a 15k80 treadle which I love but is not so easy to move around when I want to sew in a different room!

  3. Do you happen to have a wiring diagram for the peddle and also the plug into the machine itself any help would be appreciated I think the plug which goes into the machine is wired wrong

  4. Hi Asha

    I’m sorry, but it was sold soon after I listed it. We do have another one coming soon though, so keep an eye on the Singers for Sale page 😉


  5. Hi Sid I am interested to buy this machine.. Can you please send me your details so that i can contact you.