Singer 201K treadle, Elsie’s birthday present … and augmented reality


Picture of Singer drawing room cabinet

Hurrah!  Yesterday we finally got a lovely classic Singer 201K ready for sale as a treadle machine, and this morning we realised that we could offer it in a choice of bases!  It’s now listed on the Singers for sale page in both forms, so if  you could fancy a really good treadle machine, do get in touch with us to find out more about this one and the options for it.

Also on the treadle front, here’s a snap of Elsie’s birthday present having an urgent bit of first-aid done to a lifting bit of veneer on its first morning in its new home.  It’s a 1900 Singer Drawing Room Cabinet that’s totally original down to the little patterned carpet on the treadle plate and the 27K which we took out to get it all home safely.  All that’s missing is the knob for the latch which in theory holds the lid closed but in practice serves no purpose we can think of, and the 27K’s belt guard.  And with any luck, an exact replacement for that will soon be on its way from Jay and Sharron in Missouri.

I’ll take some more snaps and do a blog post all about it when we’ve got it a bit more sorted , but for now I’ll just say that Elsie agrees it was well worth the 376 miles drive on her birthday.

Anyhow … every now and then I have to go to Waitrose on account of there’s a few things we use which Tesco doesn’t stock, and when I do, I always pick up a copy of their house newspaper thing.  It amuses us no end, and gives us some idea of what’s currently exciting the chattering classes.

We’ve just now read about “the revolutionary Christmas adverts that open up a magical world of tricks and tips from Delia and Heston” and we’re trying to get our heads round that.  If we understand correctly, you wait for a television commercial, then pause it, show it to your smart phone, then have an “augmented reality experience”.


We don’t have a television set, neither of us understands how you can pause a television program, we both have dumb phones, and although I can’t speak for Elsie, I can say for sure that the last augmented reality experience I had was a good 40 years ago and involved dried mushrooms.

There’s no hope for us.

Have a good weekend, folks.


4 responses

  1. Quite so Heather. A Mighty Wurlitzer’s the only thing it really needs. Isn’t the treadle action lovely?

  2. Ooooh I have this cabinet, too! Mine houses a sweet little 28k and is my absolute favourite. We travelled a similar distance for mine…but blimey is she worth it. All she needed was a new belt. I too learned to support her under the arm as she rises otherwise she launches like sputnik. Always think she ought to rise to a Wurlitzer musical accompaniment. 🙂

  3. Yep, you were lucky there Linda. That spring’s certainly rather strong …


  4. Possible reason for lid lock?
    Just bought the same style but rather derelict,cabinet. Stripping it down bit by bit I hit the release
    button for the lift-that spring is so strong were it not for lid lock … resulting in a bit more damage
    to the carcase top than there was before. Count myself lucky my hands weren’t in the way.
    Lesson learned-do not operate lift without mounted sewing machine.
    I really enjoy your blog.