The Singer Enclosed Cabinet No.51


Picture of Singer Enclosed Cabinet #51

I’ve been meaning to mention for ages that thanks to Colette having kindly scanned for us a Singer brochure which her Mum picked up around 1940, we now know for certain that what we thought was Enclosed Cabinet No.46 is in fact Enclosed Cabinet No.51.

It looks like the bloke in the Singer shop who wrote “in New Enclosed Cabinet 46” on the receipt we have for a 201 in one of these was simply having a brainfart, so I’ve edited this post accordingly.

Sorry for the confusion 🙂


2 responses

  1. ‘Brainfart’ i have never come across that expression before! i nearly sprayed my kitchen table with the mouthful of tea i had just swigged 🙂 hilarious. Vicky.