The Singer Automatic Zigzagger 160985. Also 161102 and 161157 …


Picture of vintage Singer Automatic Zigzagger 161157

I’ve just put another black zigzagger up for sale on the Accessories page, and that’s reminded me to point out something which can get confusing about these things.

The Big Black Zigzagger can be a 160985, or a 161102, or a 161157, and at first glance they all look the same.  But they’re not – they all work as well, but each one is a later version of the other, with either an improved mechanism or one which was cheaper to produce, depending on your personal cynicism quotient.

Muddying the waters still further, the cams for them are made from either aluminium or a heavier zinc-based alloy, and although they’re different if you compare the undersides, the tops are the same and they are in fact interchangeable.

So there you go – you now know more about the black Singer zigzagger than most folk do.  And in our opinion, the amount of practice you have using one makes far more difference than what the part number on it is …


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