Clarice’s egg


I’ve been taken to task by a couple of readers of this blog for telling you all about Clarice’s first egg but not showing you a snap of it, so here you go.  That is Clarice herself looking at her egg alongside a so-called “fresh” one from the supermarket.

What she doesn’t know is that unlike the big egg, hers will be a treat to eat.  It will have a nice yellow yolk without her having been fed feed with yolk colourant in it, the white will be a lovely bright white and it won’t be rubbery, and above all Clarice’s egg will have taste – a property sadly missing from the supermarket equivalent if you ask me.  Or Elsie.

Anyhow, there’s the missing picture as requested.  With that, I think we’ve done the chicken news, at least for the time being, so I can now start getting a post together about which way round you thread the needle.  Or maybe about how we pack a sewing machine for courier delivery.  Perhaps even why we don’t get involved with the 15 series.  And I really must do something about attachments …


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