The aliens stole our email


Well somebody did, so I blame them.

Elsie and I have been up past our ears in picking apples and bottling pears and digging up spuds and so on this last few days, so it wasn’t until last night that I realised our email was wonky.

We don’t have a hormonal teenager who’s an authority on Outlook around the place to consult about the problem, so I have no idea how long it was off, but we did get an email from Cecilia last night which she sent on Thursday and I’ve just managed to send myself a test message which worked, so it does look like we’re back to normal now (or as normal as it ever gets here).

If you sent us an email recently and you didn’t get a reply, I’m sorry about that.

If you’re not still miffed with us, would you like to try again?

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