Ooooh … look what the postie’s just brought!


picture of jiffy bag and screwdriver bits from brownells

How exciting!  My new screwdriver bits have just arrived, all the way from Montezuma, Indiana, US of A.

Check out the size of the Jiffy bag they came in compared to my dumb phone that’s on top of it. All that was in it was those two screwdriver bits, each in their own little plastic bag, plus a copy of the invoice.

They are really lovely screwdriver bits though, beautifully made, and they’re the exact sizes needed to fit the two Singer screw heads not properly covered by my existing selection of bits.  So I’m a happy bunny this morning, especially as now it’s stopped raining so I can get out on my bike.

Yes, to get tools of this quality, I really did have to order them from a gunsmiths suppliers on the other side of the Atlantic, because nobody makes this class of gear in this country any more, and in case you’re wondering, the answer is an entirely reasonable $5.98 for the two bits plus $7 post ‘n’ pack.


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