Vintage Singer sewing machines for sale


Just by way of an update for you, I’ve added another Model 99 portable to the “Singers for sale” page today.  This one’s a late type electric portable, so if you’re after a Singer 99 we can now offer you a choice of hand-crank or electric!  Also on the same page is a gorgeous hand-crank Singer 66 portable, complete with original bentwood case in very nice condition indeed.

There’s at least one more Singer Model 99 in the pipeline to add to our stock of vintage hand-crank sewing machines for sale, and in case you’re wondering, the rather laboured wording of this post is intended to appeal to the great god Google …


3 responses

  1. Thank you Sid…..
    I’ve had a lady from Californi-ay asking me if I had one & I was going to put her in touch with you….
    well – actually I do have one – my own – but that one is going home to Australia with me….& definitely not for sale….
    Mine is the same as the-one-you-don’t-have-any-longer….
    I loved your explanation of the gear system in the 201Ks – I didn’t know that I just know that it feels great when using it !

  2. Hello Sid,
    Do you still have that beautiful hand-crank 201K you have pictured…’s a long shot, I know as it is from October….. ?