So what’s this all about then?


One of the things about the internets which I get really miffed about is checking out an interesting-sounding website or a blog and finding that I’m looking at a holding page instead of something informative or entertaining like I was expecting.  And here I am writing the text of a blog post which really only amounts to “coming soon”.

That’s because in the last few days we’ve had spuds to dig up, Morello cherries to pick, broad beans to freeze and a couple of sewing machines to finish ready for sale.  That and the fact that four more machines followed me home from yesterday’s all-day circular tour of Essex.  Then there’s all the time I spent working out one particular aspect of this blog setup because we didn’t have a 10 year old boy handy to ask how to do it.  And I won’t even mention all the time it took to organise the spool pin and bush which are currently on their way here from a kindly Singer collector in Australia to replace the bits missing from one of our machines.

But enough of the excuses already!  For now, what you need to know is that this blog will be about some but not all mechanical Singer sewing machines made from around 1930 to the early 1960’s, simply because that’s what we’re into here.  Well OK you might end up reading something about my bike every now and then or our chickens or perhaps the state of the apple trees, or even the odd rant about about “semi-industrial” sewing machines, but it’s all good so do tell your friends …


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