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  1. I am not in possession of this machine, but it is what mine would look like after the restoration. Thank you very much for your response, I love your comments, I do laugh out loud at your words. Loved the bank bit, smile. Here is a photo of a 1927 Singer 101. What I know is this is the First sewing machine made by Singer for the exclusive use of an electric motor and it is direct gear driven. (Sorry it would not let me put the picture on) It is similar in body type to the 201.

  2. Sorry Wendy we don’t, and all I know about the 101 is two things. One is that I’ve never seen one, and the other is that AFAIK it was never sold in the UK.

  3. Do you have this in PDF form, or more history on the transition from the 101 to this? Trying to find more information on the 101 please, and I really like the 201. Thank you.

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